I’m so glad you are here checking out my blog. I will be sharing great pet related product recommendations for cats and dogs. I will be adding local (Washington county, Oregon) and online deals I think you should look into when I come across something worth sharing.

You can expect photographs that I hope you will enjoy.

Occasionally I will post non-pet related material, focusing mainly on products.

A NEW & EXCITING section will feature my journey as a foster home for Golden Retrievers with Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon http://goldenbondrescue.com/

  • This section will give you insight into what it means to be a foster home, how a dog’s life can be improved (possibly saved) with love, attention and training.
  • Together we can raise awareness for this rescue organization and their dogs up for adoption.
  • Potential adopters can get a little more insight into the dog they are interested in adopting.
  • My goal is to inspire others to open their home to animals in need of a temporary home and help them be the best they can be in order to find their forever home.

I hope you will join me on this journey.


I'd love your feedback

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