Best Pet Shampoo

(Originally published on my old blog Dec 23, 2012)

It has been over 4 years since I’ve purchased pet shampoo for our 2 large dogs and 2 house cats. About a year prior I was at our state fair where I stumbled upon a company called Touch of Mink. I was instantly drawn to their pet shampoo which claimed to be a safe, gentle, natural shampoo which naturally repelled biting insects. This sounded too good to be true!

Pet Shampoo

When I got home I gave our dogs a bath. Boy was I pleased! The scent was nice, the dogs were clean, and my hands were SUPER soft (so soft that I not only ordered the largest 1 gallon bottle of pet shampoo, I bought the human lotion for myself).

The product website claims the 4-in-1 MinkSheen Pet Shampoo is:

  1. A gentle shampoo
  2. A coat conditioner
  3. An anti-bacterial formula
  4. A natural insect repellant

What I think:

1. The shampoo doesn’t dry out the coats of my dogs and cats

2. Their coats are very soft and shinier than they were with other shampoos

3. Even after the shampoo scent had faded, their coats didn’t smell like “dog” or “cat”

4. Didn’t rely on shampoo only to repel insects. Even though our indoor/outdoor cat was getting monthly Revolution treatments, he was coming in with ticks 3 days in a row. I put a small amount of shampoo in a squirt bottle filled with water and sprayed the cat before letting him outside for the day. When he came in for the evening there weren’t any ticks on him. I continued to do this the entire summer and fall with 100% success.

My husband and I weren’t the only ones who noticed how great this shampoo was. I was taking our dogs daily to the dog park and I had other owners approach me about how clean, soft and shiny my dog’s coats were. More than one person asked if they had gotten a bath that day when it had been over a month since they had a bath! Keep in mind they had been going to the dog park playing and getting drooled on by other dogs. I’ve been able to go longer between baths because of the shampoo which is an AWESOME bonus!

I hope this company stays in business forever! I support them with occasional human purchases (since a gallon of pet shampoo is lasting a LONG time even with 4 pets). I tell as many pet owners as I can that they HAVE to try this shampoo.

I’m truly excited to be sharing this info with you.


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