Chilly Dogs Soaker Coat

Soaker Coat

(Originally published on my old blog Mar 20, 2013)

Bath time can be a real chore for dog owners, especially for those with large dogs. I’m not one to pay someone else to bathe my dogs when I’m physically able to do it myself. I purchased a must have for bath time over 5 years ago, the Chilly Dogs Soaker Coat:

It is basically a bathrobe for dogs that has been extremely useful. I towel dry my dog as best I can with a normal towel, then put the Soaker Coat on for ~20-30 mins, remove Soaker Coat to reveal an almost dry clean dog. After both dogs get bathed, I toss the towels and Soaker Coats in the washing machine & dryer. Pretty darn easy (except for the 30 mins bending over washing the pups).

The Soaker Coat really helps minimize the amount of moisture the dog can get on carpet and furniture, and it decreases the “wet dog” smell. I also like that there isn’t gobs of wet fur stuck on my walls from when my dog feels the urge to rub its clean body on my walls (why do they do weird stuff like that?).

Not only do I use the Soaker Coats for bath time, they are the first things I pack when taking the dogs to the beach. The dogs get warmed up during the colder months, the car stays drier, and the wet dog smell isn’t overpowering.

I’m sure glad I stumbled across this product years ago when trying to find a raincoat for our boy Rusty who is very long and has a deep chest. I highly recommend you check out the Chilly Dogs website to see if they have any other products worth getting. I’ve ordered from them twice and both times were very pleasant.


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