“I Love This” Products

(Originally published on my old blog Feb 3, 2013)

Back in December 2012 I got my first smartphone. When I brought it home I was handling it as though it was as fragile as a light bulb. Gravity has not been a friend to my previous phones, so I knew I had to protect this more expensive phone.

Since bubble wrap wasn’t an option, I knew I needed an awesome case and screen protector. I spent a lot of time reading customer product reviews…A LOT OF TIME… before settling on the D3O®Flex Protective Cover and anti-glare screen cover (product links below).



The case feels great, doesn’t add unnecessary bulk (the phone doesn’t feel fragile anymore), fits very snug around the phone (but it wasn’t difficult to get on). I was in no hurry to “test” these case but I have recently. So far, I have dropped the phone on vinyl & carpet from waist-high with no problems.

The screen protector was easy to install, looks great, feels great, easy to clean, and doesn’t interfere with the touchscreen usability. I have had keys, coins, and other metal in the same pocket as my phone without scratches.

Even though the case I ended up buying was sold in the T-Mobile store, I wasn’t going to pay ~$30 so I bought it off of Amazon for $16 (which was great timing because now it costs more). I recommend always taking the time to compare prices.

Keep in mind who the seller is because you might be better off paying more in case you have problems with the product or the product you get might be questionable from iffy sellers.

I want to keep this phone for a long time and I think that my cover and screen protector will allow me to do just that!


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