Must Have Door Mat

(Originally published on my old blog Dec 18, 2012)

Never in a million years did I think I would get excited over a door mat! Really?!?! All I know is that the Miracle Door Mat is one of my favorite, most useful items in my house (no joke). There’s a few reasons why I value this product more than others would.

+ I live in Oregon where the weather forecast says tomorrow will be rainy with a good chance of more rain

+ I live out in the country where there is dirt, mud (quite a bit of clay), and other misc stuff that gets stuck on the bottom of shoes until those same shoes touch carpet (at that point that misc stuff magically falls off onto the carpet)

+ I have 2 large dogs and 2 cats who go outside. Their paws also attract the same misc stuff as my shoes, but my shoes don’t go on the bed, couch or occasionally the dining room table

+ I don’t like having to bust out the carpet cleaner to clean up shoe and/or paw prints on our new light beige carpet

Miracle Mat

The Miracle Door Mat stays in place, washes up nicely, easy to vacuum, traps a lot more moisture than other mats, and you are able to cut it if you need a smaller mat (I am thinking of getting another large mat and cutting it in half to use out in our garage and maybe in the bathroom that is attached to our mudroom).

My husband and I discovered these mats at the state fair 2 years ago where the salesman was doing a demo.

Picture this: the man had a tray of muddy water with 2 different styles of door mats in front of him. In front of each of those mats was a sheet of white computer paper. The salesman rubbed the bottom of his shoes in the dirty water and walked on a “typical” door and then onto the piece of paper which showed a very wet, dirty shoe print.

The salesman now gets excited as he rubs his shoes in the dirty water and walks on the Miracle Door Mat and then onto the other clean sheet of white computer paper…this resulted in a faint shoe print. This was a simple step on and off the mat, no attempt was made to actually dry this shoes on the mat.

This seems too good to be true so my husband speaks up and asks if he can perform the same test with the boots he’s wearing (this have deep tread that gathers a lot of unwanted misc stuff). My husband first tests the “typical” mat and walks onto a clean piece of paper which made a bigger mess than the salesman’s shoe. My husband then tests the Miracle Door Mat and when he stepped onto the clean piece of paper all that resulted was a faint boot print.

Needless to say we walked away with the largest size mat they make to be proudly placed in our mudroom where we enter/exit the house!

After a few months of heavy use (including 3 rounds in the washer/dryer, and weekly vacuuming), I was at Costco where they had someone else doing a demo for customers. Being the person I am, I spoke up and told the customers looking at the mats how great they were. To really drive home the point, I ended up picking up another large mat!

Now when the dogs have wet paws I don’t have to put a lot of effort into drying them. Depending on the level of wetness I can either: let them walk the length of both mats or make them sit for a moment on the first mat and then walk the length of the mats. I only wipe their paws now when I know they have clay on them.


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