Must Have Pet Brush


(Originally published on my old blog Apr 5, 2013)

Let’s face it, fur gets everywhere! If you are lucky like me, you occasionally get a piece stuck in the bottom of your foot!!!

How does one solve this dilemma? I’ve tried countless brushes and spent too much money on products that left me unsatisfied.

About 7 years ago I purchased the Furminator with every intention of returning it if I wasn’t satisfied (the darn thing cost ~$60 if I’m recalling correctly). I immediately brushed our 2 large dogs and 2 cats, filling up a grocery bag FULL of fur. I knew at that time this brush was an investment and a keeper! Not only did I love the brush, our male cat Louie now LOVED being brushed!

It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to be brushing the dogs outdoors if I didn’t want to make a big furry mess in the house. Eventually I realized I needed to incorporate the vacuum into my brushing routine with the dogs. From then on I’ve taken the dogs out to the garage to use the shop vac. I brush with one hand and hold the vacuum hose in the other. The vacuum sucks up the loose floating hairs in the air so they don’t redeposit on the dogs and I’m able to suck up the hair on the brush for a speedy brushing.

After brushing, I don’t notice nearly as much loose fur floating around them after they shake off or after being loved on. This also results in less fur on furniture, carpet, car upholstery and inside shoes (yep, I occasionally take on the tedious task of plucking embedded fur from the inside of my shoes).

Since the purchase of the Furminator 7 years ago, they have made modifications and have come out with different products for long fur, cats, horses and etc. All my pets have short fur so I can use the same tool for all of them (sure it would be nice to have a “cat” Furminator because it’s smaller in size, but I’m able to make d)o. If we do get an animal with long fur, I will definitely be purchasing another Furminator.

If you have any experience with the newer models, please let me know. Mine is the bare bones version without the FURejector button.


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