Perfect Pet Fountain

(Originally posted on my old blog Jan 6, 2013)

Years ago I bought a pet fountain for my 2 indoor cats and at the time I was working at an animal hospital. I was regularly seeing cats coming in with medical problems and the doctor would tell the owners to encourage the cat to drink more water by adding wet food to their diet and/or use a pet fountain.

I picked up the best deal I could find at Petsmart and I did notice the cats were drinking more water thanks to my litter box observations. I liked that I didn’t have to fill the water bowl every single day but I hated that I could never fully clean the bowl. There were so many little crevices and sharp tiny corners that even a toothpick or q-tip couldn’t reach.

I continued using this fountain for years until it stopped working last year. As much as I didn’t want to spend more money, I’m glad I was done with “cleaning” the old fountain. So the researching began.

If I was going to fork over $50+ for a pet fountain, I wanted it to be THE right fountain. I must be able to sanitize it, ESPECIALLY the part that holds the water. If at all possible, no plastic parts. Don’t know if the old plastic fountain had anything to do with it, but our old cat Louie had feline acne (I got a lot of grief if I mentioned I used Stridex pads on my cat’s chin).

After lots of research I came across the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. I read all the information on the website which was very data driven and I wanted this fountain, but the price made me rethink this decision.


After hours of more research that included TONS and TONS of user reviews on countless pet fountains I found myself thinking of the Glacier Point fountain. All of these other fountains fell short when compared to the Glacier Point fountain so I decided I’d pay more for this higher quality fountain (husband…not so much).

My husband suggested that we hold off on purchasing a new fountain. During this time, I cleaned and filled the ceramic cat bowl daily while also logging the water consumption of our two cats. Daily the bowls were getting either fur, litter or both in it. There was a significant decrease in water consumption which was verified in the litter box which housed smaller pee clumps. It is very important to take mental notes of what is normal pee and poo of your pets so you can quickly spot problems!

After collecting and discussing this data, we decided that we were better off getting the Glacier Point Basic Fountain because the last thing we need is a vet bill because a cat has urinary or kidney problems. Borgia (our female cat) had a urinary track infection a couple of years ago and I want to do what I can to avoid any bladder issues. Heck, if the fountain can prevent a single vet visit it will have paid for itself!

It has been a couple of months since I received the fountain but so far:

Cats took to it right away

I was blown away by how easy and quick it was to clean/sanitize the bowl, pump and water jars

Fountain can be very quiet or quite loud depending on your (cat’s) preference

Haven’t “recharged” the carbon water filter yet because it is still going strong but the instructions look straight forward

Cat’s are back to their normal water consumption (compared to the couple of weeks they were stuck with regular ceramic water bowls)

Bowl is A LOT cleaner (I don’t see fur floating or litter that magically ended up in the bowl)

I have no regrets about buying the Glacier Point Basic Fountain. I am confident in the quality of this product. If something were to happen down the road, I like that there are replacement parts so the whole fountain doesn’t need to be trashed. I appreciate the owner’s customer service and brutal honesty.

I encourage you to read the information if the price is too shocking and keep an open mind. If you’ve had/have a pet fountain you will be able to appreciate how different (superior) this fountain truly is.


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