Who Wants A Treat?


(Originally published on my old blog Jan 24, 2013)

T-R-E-A-T-S can be a tricky subject for some pet owners. When used responsibly they can be a valuable training tool and/or a bonding experience. When used irresponsibly, they can cause health problems and/or a way to ease a person’s guilty conscience for not playing/walking/interacting with their dog.

With Labrador Retrievers, I have yet to come across a treat they won’t eat. There is, however, a particular treat that stands out to our dogs (also my husband and I) which is the Blue Dog Bakery’s Peanut Butter & Molasses treats.

These treats are larger sized (which is great for our big dogs), but sometimes we break the larger ones into smaller pieces to trick our dogs into thinking they are getting “lots” of treats. They come in cute shapes and smell AMAZING! I can’t get over how great the molasses smells.

After a couple of weeks of smelling molasses I decided to pick up some actual molasses cookies at the grocery store for myself! I opened up the package of cookies that evening and the smell of my “people” cookies must have went straight to our older dog Zinger’s nose. He followed me to the couch where I wanted to relax and enjoy MY TREAT. Zinger stared at me as though I was eating HIS TREAT. He must have been convinced this was one of his treats because our well-mannered boy jumped up on me and snatched the cookie as I was taking a bite! I didn’t know the old guy had it in him or he could still move so fast!

The trick for us owners is to give treats in moderation and give a little less food at meal time to avoid over feeding our pups. Over the years, I’ve trained my husband to give less treats to our dogs, but he still needs refresher training every once in a while.

I’ve purchased these treats at Petsmart, but they can be found at other stores.
Our dogs are also fond of the MORE FLAVORS. Go and get a box of each, I’m sure your dog won’t mind!

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