Zinger Yawning

(Originally published on my old blog Jan 7, 2013…We Miss you zinger)


When this photo session took place years ago, I was so pleased with 3 of the photos that I had 8×10 prints made and then framed. The plan was to wait a few days for my husband’s birthday to give them as gifts. Well, my excitement got the best of me and they were presented that same evening! What can I say except I love my guy and my pup?

This photo session produced 3 of my best photos of Zinger, which also included:

Zinger Zinger

Zinger Yawning  holds a special place in my heart.

Our boy Zinger was a very special dog who brought my husband and I together at a dog park one night. We owe him a great deal of credit for our marriage and happiness. Zinger is missed very much and will never be forgotten.

I am so fond of this pic that I have it displayed our mudroom wall and on a b&w throw blanket that I had made as a gift for my husband back when we were dating.


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