Bela Has Arrived

Golden Bond Rescue Of Oregon

We got this sweet girl Bela from Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon as a foster dog. Since her arrival on Monday 2/10 we have made great progress in her training.

Bela lived with her mother and has come into our home with zero training, separation anxiety, cat and toy aggression, and inappropriate play interaction with our dog Marley.

Considering Bela’s background, all her issues are completely justified and these issues have improved greatly in just 6 days! She is super sweet and willing to please. Training started right away with Bela quickly learning sit. Down is consistent when treats involved and random without treats.

Bela is going to make a wonderful companion for someone in the near future because she is full of potential. I am confident that with a few more weeks of consistent training, we can prepare Bela for her permanent home.

I would like to thank the wonderful lady who cared enough to get Bela and her mother out of a bad situation. This woman took Bela and her mother into her home, loved these dogs enough to get the medical care needed and gave Bela the best chance of a full happy life by getting her into GBR’s care while keeping Bela’s mother who was a better fit.

I will keep you updated on Bela’s progress. This week will include more crate training, car training, stay, and playtime manners (Marley’s not a fan of dogs barking in her face).

Until next time!


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