Happy Birthday Borgia!

Today Borgia turns 12 years old.

It is hard to imagine that it’s almost been 12 yrs since I snuck this little girl into my parents house and hid her for months! I wish I had given her a better “childhood” but I know I have more than made up for that.

I am SO glad Borgia grew out of her chewing phase, I threw out at least 3 bras because of her chewing threw one of the straps. She also loved to chew the straps on my camisole tops I’d sleep in. Countless mornings I’d sit up in bed with a strap chewed in half. Oh, I almost forgot about her chewing on my hair…always close to my face where her work would get the most notice.

A few quirks of Borgia’s that hasn’t changed over the years:

Thinks me making a bed is playtime (but only after bedding has been washed). I always give myself 5 extra minutes to make the bed because I’ll have Borgia running around the bed, sliding, burrowing and jumping around.

Thinks hair bands are the greatest toys EVER and will steal them any chance she gets

Stands guard at the bathroom door while I shower

I am very thankful that last week when Borgia had blood work done at the vet the results all came back positive! Her only issue will get resolved next month when she has her teeth cleaned and at least one tooth extracted. I want to make the most out of the time I have left with her and truly appreciate our unique relationship.

Borgia may not be the greatest cat, but she’s my cat and she thinks she’s great!

Welcome To The Cat House (Dogs Use Rear Entrance)

It took around 3 hours to install our cat shelves and they look great!

Cooper took to the shelves immediately which made all the time and energy worth it. Borgia is very hesitant to climb up onto the shelves, but if I place her up on a higher shelf she will explore as you can see in the pictures.

I can’t stress how great the customer service was when dealing with CatastrophiCreations. The quality of the shelves are really good. I wouldn’t hesitate to order more in the future.

This was money well spent, just ask our cat Cooper! I have never seen his eyes so BIG when he was chasing his wand toy on the shelves. These shelves will be a life-saver on the days Cooper isn’t wearing himself out while hunting outside.

Expect to see more pictures of cats on shelves!

First, here’s a couple videos of Tully playing fetch on the shelves:


Cats Climbing The Walls (Soon)


My husband and I are finally going to install cat shelves in our living room. After doing a lot of researching looking at awesome product pictures and people’s set-ups, we decided to place an order from CatastrophiCreations.

Originally we were going to build everything ourselves but with the arrival of Bela, our first foster dog, we had to move fast. Bela had an unknown history with cats and we quickly discovered she was obsessed with them. Our poor cats weren’t safe near us in the living room and they weren’t happy being locked away in a different room.

We had a budget to work with and luckily we came across someone within driving distance that we could order shelves and ramps from. By not having to pay shipping, we were able to put that money towards more product.

We are waiting for all of our fabric covered shelves, large raceways and cat bed to be completed so we can get to work. I have received great customer service from CatastrophiCreations shop owner, Mike Wilson. He has been prompt with answering all questions (and we had a lot).

I am looking forward to updating everyone once we install the shelves. Of course, pictures will be included!