Cats Climbing The Walls (Soon)


My husband and I are finally going to install cat shelves in our living room. After doing a lot of researching looking at awesome product pictures and people’s set-ups, we decided to place an order from CatastrophiCreations.

Originally we were going to build everything ourselves but with the arrival of Bela, our first foster dog, we had to move fast. Bela had an unknown history with cats and we quickly discovered she was obsessed with them. Our poor cats weren’t safe near us in the living room and they weren’t happy being locked away in a different room.

We had a budget to work with and luckily we came across someone within driving distance that we could order shelves and ramps from. By not having to pay shipping, we were able to put that money towards more product.

We are waiting for all of our fabric covered shelves, large raceways and cat bed to be completed so we can get to work. I have received great customer service from CatastrophiCreations shop owner, Mike Wilson. He has been prompt with answering all questions (and we had a lot).

I am looking forward to updating everyone once we install the shelves. Of course, pictures will be included!


One thought on “Cats Climbing The Walls (Soon)

  1. It’s a great idea. A few years back, due to work commitments we had to live in the city, and left our house for a year and a half… and the city meant our two kitties who was used to coming and going as they pleased, suddenly had to become indoor kitties only. We made catshelves, and catladders everywhere. 🙂

    Now, having two dogs, and two cats, we got a special shelf (it’s actually a quarter of our old kitchen table) for cat feeding, so they won’t be harrassed by the dogs (dogs are very greedy when it comes to food). Also got a huge shelf in the living room, which is very high up, and only my youngest cat can get up there – she climbs the curtains! My tomcat is too heavy and too old to do the curtain climbing.

    Otherwise the top of the piano is a massive hit with both the cats. Our tomcat has his special basket on the bathroom counter, where he likes to snooze, and out female kitty has her blankie on top of a washstand (one of those antique ones… not one in use!) in the hallway landing…

    And then there’s the dog-free rooms. And here’s where the babygate comes in. 🙂 Our two spare bedrooms (the dogs and our female kitty sleeps in bed with us) are off-limit to the dogs, babygate in place (the cats easily jump it), so the cats know that they can be left in peace and quiet there. Unless our tomcat is in his basket, or on the piano, he’s either snoozing in one of the beds or chairs in the spare bedrooms, or he’s sitting on the sofa in one of them looking out the window.

    Our female kitty loves the dogs, and will happily play or snooze with them, but there are times she want’s peace and quiet and she’s got the chance to get away. Our tomcat hates the dogs with a passion. 🙂

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