Welcome To The Cat House (Dogs Use Rear Entrance)

It took around 3 hours to install our cat shelves and they look great!

Cooper took to the shelves immediately which made all the time and energy worth it. Borgia is very hesitant to climb up onto the shelves, but if I place her up on a higher shelf she will explore as you can see in the pictures.

I can’t stress how great the customer service was when dealing with CatastrophiCreations. The quality of the shelves are really good. I wouldn’t hesitate to order more in the future.

This was money well spent, just ask our cat Cooper! I have never seen his eyes so BIG when he was chasing his wand toy on the shelves. These shelves will be a life-saver on the days Cooper isn’t wearing himself out while hunting outside.

Expect to see more pictures of cats on shelves!

First, here’s a couple videos of Tully playing fetch on the shelves:



5 thoughts on “Welcome To The Cat House (Dogs Use Rear Entrance)

  1. Hi, fantastic work and so grateful for the pictures. I am building a cat wall for the same reasons except I am getting my first puppy! My two 7 year old kitties never experienced a puppy and wanted to start doing cat walls. My question to you’d is what did you determine the distance between shelves? I believe I see variations. What was the farthest distance? Any recommendations? My cats have been raised kinda like dogs so they are not used to accessing such heights! I just don’t want to put the first shelf too far that they can’t reach it but since I have have never done this before, I would ask. Thanks!

    • Our house’s stud distance determined the shelf distances (24″). If a shelf had only 1 bracket, that bracket HAD to go in a stud. If the shelf had 2 brackets, 1 had to go in a stud and the other we used heavy duty drywall anchor. The drywall anchors that came with the shelves didn’t get used because we wanted to make sure these shelves don’t sag.

      The spacing we used was to make it easy on our senior cat who was declawed (could also be easier for a younger cat). If you do accidentally place a shelf too high, you can always put something small on the ground that they can jump from. This might be better because you don’t want a dog (especially big dogs) jumping up on any shelves.

      Do your research on how to properly introduce a dog to your cats. Don’t want to stress out your cats so much they develop health or behavior problems. Best of luck & don’t buy a cheap stud finder:)

  2. Looks amazing! Borgia looks so happy. Any problems so far with the cats using it? How are the dogs taking it? Wow – it turned out better then I originally envisioned it. The design matches your house perfectly. Great job!

    Now I really want one for my kitty but I don’t think my landlord would take to kindly to it…

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