Meet Heidi

We got word of Heidi Thursday (March 27) evening and we couldn’t bring her into our home fast enough. The info we got said Heidi was a 7 yr old, obese female Golden Retriever (most likely mix). Her owner surrendered her to the shelter in Salem. She had lived mostly outside, seemingly neglected and needed medical attention (ear infection, spay & half her fur was missing) & lots of TLC. She is good with other dogs and fine with cats. Owners said she wasn’t potty trained but she’s been keeping her kennel clean. She’s obviously had a few litters and hasn’t seen a vet in at least 5 yrs.

I made the call saying we wanted to foster Heidi and how soon can I get her. If I could get her faster by driving to Salem (~1hr away), I would do so….I got there Friday shortly after they opened:)

Heidi is one sweet, easy-going girl who you want to care for. We have had zero problems with her…unlike our first foster dog Bela (who is getting adopted tomorrow!!!) These first 3 days have been going very smoothly. She has zero problems with the cats and they are comfortable around her.

The cat shelves in the living room were used by our female cat Borgia when Heidi first came in the house. Borgia was able to be near Heidi but at a safe distance which gave her the confidence to come down on the floor for a proper introduction.

We’ve had Heidi sleep on the dog bed in our bedroom at night and that’s been great. She wakes up in the morning happy to see us and is excited to see the cats again. I can’t hug this girl enough!

Health is a big concern of ours, we want to get her active without overdoing it. Her ears were horrendous, but after a few thorough cleanings they are looking better. Heidi’s vet visit today went well, we’re waiting on test results and we were given antibiotics & medicated shampoo. I am waiting for Heidi to wake up from her nap so I can give her a bath. Until her spay on 4/7, we’ll be giving her a bath every 3 days to get her skin healthier and re-evaluate after that.

We are very hopeful that we can get Heidi looking & feeling better while she is in our care. I will regularly be taking pictures to track her progress. Please join us on our journey!

If you have any personal experience with dog skin issues, I’d love to hear from you.




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