Surgery Madness

What do you get when you have 2 animals having surgery…

– on the same day,

– at different vets that are located 6.5 mi apart,

– errands to run in between drop off and pick up,

– AND you have to be available during surgery procedure to discuss problems that need to be addressed right away?


Thankfully that is all behind us. It has been almost 3 weeks since surgery day and everyone is glad to be recovering very nicely.

Heidi’s post surgery care included pain medicine for the spay and the 1 tooth extraction (which was a surprise) and daily ear flushing plus medication for 2-4 months in attempt to heal both her ruptured eardrums (another surprise). Her recheck, 2 weeks after, showed she was down ~18 lbs, eardrums were starting to grow back (doctor was very shocked to see this so soon), thyroid blood work showed her thyroid medicine needed to be adjusted and suture site looked great so sutures were removed.

Borgia’s post surgery care was liquid pain medicine for the 10 teeth extracted along with eating wet food only. Her recheck, a week later, showed a minor infection and a loose stitch (my guess is she ate some dry food before Cooper’s food bowl got removed). We were sent home for a weeks worth of antibiotics. Thankfully after a total of 2 weeks of ambushing Borgia so I could squirt medicine down her throat, she was all healed up and ready to eat dry food if she wanted.

Not only am I thrilled that both Heidi and Borgia are fully recovered physically, mentally they are very happy to be themselves. Heidi is running around, bouncing and spinning. Borgia is up on her cat shelves, napping outside on the nice days and playing with the occasional cat toy.

FYI Borgia had only 1 known problem tooth, 9 others were discovered at time of teeth cleaning thanks to x-rays. Google “feline tooth resorption” for information if you have a kitty because this is a very common issue, especially as cat’s get older.



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