We Built A Dog Wash Station!

We recently decided we needed an elevated dog wash station. This was something we’ve wanted for a while, but our foster dog Heidi inspired us to take action immediately. Miss Heidi was requiring a medicated bath every 3 days for the first few weeks we had her and I’m sure many people can relate to the tired/sore lower back that follows a dog bath.

Turns out buying an elevated dog wash isn’t cheap.

Oh, you want an elevated dog wash that won’t tip over? Won’t rust, leak or dent? You must want to spend at least $3,000 then.

Didn’t think so! We didn’t either!!

After a lot of brainstorming and research, we came up with a great design that fulfilled our needs. During this process we determined what we didn’t need was our roman tub in our master bathroom. The stupid thing was used less than 10 times since we moved into our house. Heck, I think the cats have spent more time in that tub than my husband and I!

It took my husband and I about a month to brainstorm, research, purchase supplies, cut pressure treated wood (and treat the ends), cut and assemble pvc pipe (for the shower curtain rod) assemble, paint, plumbing, cutting shower curtains to proper length and sewing, plus a few other misc tasks. I did what I could by myself during the day. My husband and I would spend a couple hours each night after he got home from work. Weekends were also dedicated to this project.


For pictures of the dog wash in progress & finished, just click on the picture of Heidi!



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