Beach Babes

This summer we rented a beach house in Manzanita, Oregon ( and this time we brought the pups!

We don’t know if Heidi, being a foster dog with little known history, has ever been to the beach before or gone swimming anywhere. Luckily Marley, our Chocolate Lab, LOVES the beach! She even knows that a particular tote bag means we’re going to the beach! At least Marley will be a positive example for Heidi and should make her feel more comfortable in this new environment.

We left our house where the temperature was going to be miserably hot to go to the beach where it was SIGNIFICANTLY cooler. Turns out I was so focused on packing all the necessary dog supplies I managed to leave behind some important items for myself. For example: 3 dog brushes, 0 human brushes. I also managed to forget a sweater or a jacket, luckily my husband shared his.

We made our way out to the beach, with all the necessary gear, to discover Heidi LOVES the beach. While Marley fixated on THE BEACH TOY, Ruffians Octopus, Heidi was impatiently waiting to run with Marley. Heidi’s new body now allows her to stay close to Marley when running, and she did run…non-stop!

Heidi was so tired that once we got back to the beach house, settled on the deck for clean up/grooming, she almost fell asleep while getting dried off. After a good night’s sleep (with no accidents) the dogs were ready for round 2.

The next day the sun came out and the pups were ready for another adventure. The pups weren’t running as fast but our friends that joined us were still impressed (especially with Heidi knowing where she started months ago). I did not expect to have such a difficult time getting pictures of her, she wouldn’t stand still!

This was our first trip back to the beach since our boy Rusty died last year. Having Heidi with us made it better for us. We were very thankful to have shared this experience with Heidi.



Heidi Available For Adoption

Heidi is available for adoption! She had her recheck vet appointment at the end of June where she was weighed, had her thyroid blood work rechecked and ear examined. It is hard to believe that this girl came to us weighing 103 lbs but now is 74.5 lbs! Turns out that Heidi’s current dose of thyroid medicine is working great, which means there is no need to modify the dosage. The biggest reveal was that BOTH of her eardrums are now completely grown back!!! She no longer needs her daily ear flushes followed by drying and ear drops. In order to keep Heidi’s ears healthy, her forever family will have to flush her ears 1-2 times a week for the rest of her life to ensure her eardrums stay healthy.

Once Heidi was given the okay from the vet, we filled out a questionnaire on Heidi’s behavior, personality, training, medical info, and other misc items. Heidi had a photo shoot so the Golden Bond Rescue website would have current pictures of her. We also had fun doing a write-up for their web site to introduce Heidi to potential adopters.

Click here for Heidi’s Write Up on the Golden Bond Rescue website

Now we’re waiting to receive applications from potential adopters who match Heidi’s needs. After reviewing the applications we rate them and do a meet and greet with our favorite to see if they would make a great forever home for Heidi.

We will be sad when Heidi is no longer with us but we’ll be so happy knowing she has a great family to call her own. Getting the next foster dog will also be a great distraction! I just remind myself that when one foster dog leaves, another dog will be given the same opportunity to get their forever family.