Heidi’s First Date

Two weeks ago we received the first adoption application for Heidi.  While it excites us that families are interested in Heidi, we had to pass on the applicants because it wasn’t a great match. This week we received an adoption application. The information from the GBR Home Evaluation made us feel this family may be a great match, so I contacted the family to answer any questions they had. None of the answers scared them off, so we scheduled a time for us to bring Heidi to their home to meet them.

This is the first time going through the adoption process because our first foster dog had to go to a cat-free foster home, so we never made it to this point in the process. I’m very excited for Heidi, but also nervous, sad, hopeful, cautious, happy … all sorts of emotions!

To prepare for the first date, Heidi had a full spa day. This included lots of brushing, paw fur trimming, bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning. We had quite the busy day, especially since I also did the same for our dog Marley.  The fancy dog wash station we built a few months ago helped a lot with minimizing back strain.

This evening will determine if Heidi has found her new forever home or if we need to wait for a better match.

What I do know is that this sweet girl deserves to go to a new home where she is loved, her needs are met (physical, emotional, and medical), and she brings joy to their lives. Hopefully she’ll also have kitteh friends!

Wish her luck!


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