New Foster Dog Coming Soon!

Tomorrow I will be picking up our next foster dog named Jack Benny. He is coming to us from Taiwan. At this time all we know is he’s around 4 yrs old and was exposed to cats. It is our job to figure our who is Jack Benny (the dog, not the comedian).

To read more about Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon’s overseas rescue efforts click HERE.

The plan is to pick him, go on a nice walk before heading over to the vet for an exam. When we get home I’ll walk him on our long driveway, around the house and back yard before making the introductions. First will be my husband who will have recently walked our dog Marley (who’ll be enjoying a Kong indoors, locked in her crate to prevent barking at Jack through a window). Once Jack is calm with my husband, we’ll grab Marley so we can go for a walk with the dogs on leash. Once both dogs are calm walking together, we’ll take them to the fenced backyard when we can have them off leash. Hopefully this will go smoothly so we can take them indoors. Any cats indoors will be locked in a bedroom so Jack can get used to the house and the cat smells. Early evening the cats will be let out so they can get on the cat shelves to check out Jack at a safe distance.

We’re very excited for tomorrow and look forward to helping Jack Benny become a well adjusted boy so he can find his forever home!


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