Introducing Jack (Jack Benny)

You may be thinking that this dog doesn’t look like a Golden Retriever and you’d be right. Jack is a Labrador Retriever mix from Taiwan (flew into Seattle on Aug 30th). I picked him up the next day and found out I don’t know JACK…

Turns out Jack is a puppy in an adult body. We don’t know his history, but I think it’s safe to assume he spent time living on the streets as a stray. He is a very scared boy who is slowly learning life can be fun & safe. Living out in the country where there is less noise is helping Jack lower his stress and gain some much needed confidence.

We’ve been working on training basic commands and house manners. Every day I’m seeing improvement and Jack is looking & acting more relaxed (he’s sleeping on the couch by himself right now). He isn’t going to his crate as often because he’s scared. This week I’ll focus on getting him more comfortable being outside. This should help him on his walks. As of now, he still freezes up and won’t move at times.

We’ll help Jack understand that he shouldn’t live in fear, and that being a dog is reason to celebrate!