Say What?

Back in July, we took the pups (Marley and Heidi) to the beach for the weekend and when we came back we discovered one of our barn cats had disappeared. Tully was our little brown tabby that we’ve had for over 2 years. We initially wanted only 2 barn cats, so I picked a brother and sister out of a family of 5 feral kittens. When my husband heard the family of siblings had been separated, I got the green light to go get the other 3! Over the past 2 years, Tully has become extremely friendly, he wants to be loved on before eating. We were very sad to find out he was gone. This last year, Tully would stick real close to the barn so this was very unusual. We hoped that he would return but after a few weeks we gave up hope.

My husband recently sent me an email saying I should update my blog profile to read I have 3 barn cats (instead of 4). I was still too sad so I decided it wasn’t a high enough priority. WELL…five weeks ago, my husband went down to the barn to feed the barn cats (the remaining 3) and woke me up with an announcement. He said he hoped I didn’t already update my blog. I started to cry because I thought he meant we were now down to 2 barn cats (I care very much about those boys). Turns out my husband should have just said Tully had come back!

I got bundled up and raced down to the barn with a can of wet food because my husband said Tully was very underweight but otherwise appeared fine. I took one look at Tully and decided he needed a lot of TLC so I scooped him up (he was light as a feather) and brought him in the house. I never did get an initial weight, I’m guessing 4 lbs. He was a little smelly, turns out he had an abscess near his groin. Poor guy was so hungry! I made the mistake of letting him free feed, which led to diarrhea. I can tell you from experience, it is not fun waking up in the middle of the night to clean a SMELLY litter box and a cat’s tail… What I Do For Cats & Dogs!

After a visit to the vet, Tully’s abscess is fully healed thanks to them shaving and cleaning the wound plus the antibiotic injection. I was THRILLED that I didn’t have to give him a pill twice a day for two weeks! After Tully was diarrhea free (thanks to Bene-Bac Plus) and abscess was healed, I was able to focus more on helping him relax more in the house. So far, he isn’t hiding much and will usually come out from hiding if you call his name. He is playful especially with wand toys and is frequently found on the cat shelves in the living room.

I think Tully is enjoying the life of a house cat!