Oh Boy!

Jack is still with us. He’s slowly making progress with basic training and becoming less fearful of everyday living. Thank goodness he’s very food motivated! Due to this, I’ve been able to use the Dremel to trim Jack’s nails AND I was able to give him a bath. He’s had some improvement with traveling in town with the help of his frozen stuffed Kong.

I’ve taken Jack to the allergist and a behaviorist. Hopefully his anti-anxiety supplement will help Jack be less noise reactive and we’ll see better results with all his behavior modification training. At the very least, the medication the allergist put him on will clear up his yeast infection that hopefully is the ONLY reason he’s itching and nibbling on his paws. I’m crossing my fingers!

We got some great news! There’s a woman who wants to Foster-To-Adopt Jack Benny and he’ll be moving in with her later this month. I’m very excited for both her and Jack. With Jack gone, the house will be MUCH calmer and I can do some one-on-one training with Marley (she’s been much more reactive since Jack has arrived).


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