Heidi Update!

You may recall that our previous foster dog Heidi was adopted by a great family on August 12. Heidi’s new mom has been very kind and generous to send us occasional updates to let us know how Heidi is doing. The most recent update was very sweet and I cried tears of happiness. I wanted to share it with my readers so I asked for permission and for a recent photo if possible…so here it is!

“It has been a while since we updated you!  Just wanted to tell you that Heidi is doing so well!  We feel like she has always been a part of our family.  She gleefully goes on her walks every day and it has honestly been hard to keep up with her.  She is just so excited and wants to run all of the time!  She is eating her food very well and has had no problems with digestion or anything else related to her health. She is so good, sitting quietly two times a day to take her meds and still seems to tolerate the ear cleaning very well.  Her coat looks amazing. She has been shedding recently, and her fur is so soft!  One of my favorite things about her is how good she is with our cats.  She and Percy have started sleeping near one another.  They are always in the same room together.  Thanks again for all you did to help her be the awesome dog that she is!  We adore her!”

Photo Courtesy Of Heidi's Mom

“I took a picture of her enjoying a fall day in the leaves! She has really been enjoying this cold windy weather. It makes me laugh. She smells everything and is very distracted by things blowing around. She runs from place to place and we have to grab hold of her leash.”




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