Edna Knows How To Play!

Turns out Edna knows how to play with a ball. It took almost a week for her to show interest, but it happened and I have proof! She appears to be feeling better physically (upper respiratory infection treated with antibiotics & ears treated with medicated drops) and emotionally (consistent love and attention).

Not only is Edna playful at times, she has some spunk! Thankfully we have a locking trashcan in our kitchen, because she’s pawed at it and has nudged it hard enough to knock it over twice. If you have a dog, no matter what size or age, you should have a locking trashcan to prevent your dog from consuming anything hazardous to their health (it could save their life and your wallet).

Coming Soon…

– I’ll be creating a YouTube channel so I can share fun videos of foster dogs, my pets and products I recommend.

– I’ll be posting more Edna pics

– I’ll finally reveal the cat shelf project


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year (especially the pups and kittehs)!




This week our latest foster dog Edna has been dealing with a bacterial infection that the vet prescribed antibiotics for. She has been a snotty mess, sneezing and trying to cough up mucus. I wipe her nose for her when I can so she doesn’t have to lick snot off her face. When I don’t have tissue, I use my sleeve or pants to wipe her nose for her…WHAT I DO FOR CATS & DOGS.

Fortunately her nose appears to be drying up a little bit today. We’re excited to see more personality emerging as she’s starting to feel better. We can do without her pawing at the trash can, but I guess that’s why we have one with a lid that locks.


Christmas Update

The pets were very pleased with what Santa brought them for Christmas. The cats got new rattling toy mice and a wand toy. Marley got her new dog bed (aka my recliner) a day early, so that meant the cats got their new scratcher at the same time (hoping they scratch on the new scratcher and not the new recliner). On Christmas, Marley got a huge Gingerbread Man stuffed toy to play with and destroy if she chooses. Her favorite gift is having the old recliner temporarily placed by the pellet stove where daddy invites her to lay on his lap.

What did our foster dog Edna get from Santa this year? If you asked her, she’d say Christmas came early when GBR came to her rescue. Christmas was a spa day for Edna. She got her nails trimmed, a brushing that included even more mats being removed from her soon-to-be spectacular coat, a medicated bath, and was blow dried until she was smooth and fluffy.

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season!


Meet Edna

I picked this sweetheart up in Salem, OR today. I fell in love with her almost immediately. We made a quick stop at Petsmart to get a smaller harness and toy (the harness in the picture is for car rides and connects to a tie down). I was informed she has trachea damage, so no collar because the pressure would aggravate her throat and cause her to cough.

I brought a bandana for Edna to smell on the drive. I rubbed it on our house cats and had my husband hold it for awhile so she could have extra time to adjust to their scent before having to interact with them.

She did great in the car and even better when we got home. Introductions went smoothly, Edna appears to be good with cats (hopefully this doesn’t change once she’s feeling more confident). We gave her a bath immediately because she was stinky, despite being bathed a couple days ago. I’ve also worked a lot on removing mats from her fur and more work to be done tomorrow (didn’t want to stress her too much today).

After dinner, Edna decided it was time for another nap. She likes the large crate in our living room where we spend a lot of time. We suspect she is hard of hearing (and not just ignoring us).

Gotta go, Edna is ready to go outside and potty!

Quick Update

Lots going on in our house lately. After Jack Benny moved to his new home, I have been doing lots of training with Marley (more details another day). With Marley’s improved behavior and a break from fostering a very noise reactive dog, it’s time to help another pup in need.

Today I’ll be picking up Edna who was dropped off at an animal shelter after hours.

IMG_0166 IMG_0167

She is a gorgeous girl who happens to have a large lump on her head (we’re waiting on test results). We’ll see how she is around all the kittehs in and out of our house… wish us luck!

Speaking of cats, we are building cat shelves for the front part of our house. I’ll be posting pics of that project soon. Looks like Edna can help supervise this project with Marley.

New “Dog Bed” Coming Soon…

Recently I went “dog bed” (recliner) shopping. Our girl Marley makes herself VERY cozy in our current recliner, and I feel confident that she’ll want to do the same in the new recliner. While shopping for the new recliner I also checked to make sure the armrests had enough space for cats to curl up on while I work on my laptop (after I get them OFF my laptop because they must get in my face first).

Speak of the devil, here Borgia is on my armrest attempting to climb on me and my laptop. Her request has been denied and I am currently a recipient of her “I won’t forget this” stare.

I chose a microfiber fabric in a color that would go well with the other colors in our living room, and texture that SHOULDN’T be an attractive scratching surface. Hopefully all goes well and EVERYONE in the house will enjoy the recliner for a long time.