New “Dog Bed” Coming Soon…

Recently I went “dog bed” (recliner) shopping. Our girl Marley makes herself VERY cozy in our current recliner, and I feel confident that she’ll want to do the same in the new recliner. While shopping for the new recliner I also checked to make sure the armrests had enough space for cats to curl up on while I work on my laptop (after I get them OFF my laptop because they must get in my face first).

Speak of the devil, here Borgia is on my armrest attempting to climb on me and my laptop. Her request has been denied and I am currently a recipient of her “I won’t forget this” stare.

I chose a microfiber fabric in a color that would go well with the other colors in our living room, and texture that SHOULDN’T be an attractive scratching surface. Hopefully all goes well and EVERYONE in the house will enjoy the recliner for a long time.


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