Meet Edna

I picked this sweetheart up in Salem, OR today. I fell in love with her almost immediately. We made a quick stop at Petsmart to get a smaller harness and toy (the harness in the picture is for car rides and connects to a tie down). I was informed she has trachea damage, so no collar because the pressure would aggravate her throat and cause her to cough.

I brought a bandana for Edna to smell on the drive. I rubbed it on our house cats and had my husband hold it for awhile so she could have extra time to adjust to their scent before having to interact with them.

She did great in the car and even better when we got home. Introductions went smoothly, Edna appears to be good with cats (hopefully this doesn’t change once she’s feeling more confident). We gave her a bath immediately because she was stinky, despite being bathed a couple days ago. I’ve also worked a lot on removing mats from her fur and more work to be done tomorrow (didn’t want to stress her too much today).

After dinner, Edna decided it was time for another nap. She likes the large crate in our living room where we spend a lot of time. We suspect she is hard of hearing (and not just ignoring us).

Gotta go, Edna is ready to go outside and potty!


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