Christmas Update

The pets were very pleased with what Santa brought them for Christmas. The cats got new rattling toy mice and a wand toy. Marley got her new dog bed (aka my recliner) a day early, so that meant the cats got their new scratcher at the same time (hoping they scratch on the new scratcher and not the new recliner). On Christmas, Marley got a huge Gingerbread Man stuffed toy to play with and destroy if she chooses. Her favorite gift is having the old recliner temporarily placed by the pellet stove where daddy invites her to lay on his lap.

What did our foster dog Edna get from Santa this year? If you asked her, she’d say Christmas came early when GBR came to her rescue. Christmas was a spa day for Edna. She got her nails trimmed, a brushing that included even more mats being removed from her soon-to-be spectacular coat, a medicated bath, and was blow dried until she was smooth and fluffy.

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season!



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