Lazy Play


On The Road Again

Here’s Heidi enjoying one of our MANY car rides. This was her favorite pastime! My husband would say she required a car ride a day. I would disagree, but I couldn’t deny this girl.

Heidi questioning my choice of music


Dear Barn Cats,

Thank you for the status report. I suspected you were still working hard to rid our property of little critters. Your report didn’t give enough details for me to determine the name of your latest project, and I’m fine with that. Next time, please don’t leave your report so close to the car (I almost stepped in it).

A reminder, I prefer to glance at your status reports at a distance. I am not a fan of picking up and disposing of your status reports. You may not have a problem with the dogs getting their mouths on your status reports, but I think it is gross and they should stay out of your business.


PS. Your former co-worker, Tully, is doing very well in the home office.



Edna’s Surgery Day Part 2

We spoke with the vet when we picked Edna up this evening. Her throat looked normal when it was examined, which was a great relief. I don’t know the cause of her excessive panting (this could be normal for her), and will continue to monitor. The suture site on her head looks like something from a doggie horror film! Due to the location, we can expect some swelling.

I made the mistake of taking Edna directly to the car and having her potty first. My husband was quick to grab the poo bags and collect Edna’s “belongings”. Thankfully we have a dog hammock in the back seat and a seat cover under that!

The e-collar was put on Edna as soon as we got home. I wish I had got her used to the e-collar BEFORE needing it. Why isn’t this recommended for dog owners? Let the dog get used to walking and sleeping in it without the added stress of recovering from a surgery.

Edna ate her dinner with no issues.  I just wish I could help her settle down, but she doesn’t want to lay down. I’ll try guiding her into her crate to see if she’ll rest in there.

It turns out Edna can’t go potty outside with an e-collar on. Sniffing the ground is difficult with an e-collar on, so she had a hard time finding the right spot to do her business. I wish I knew this before wasting ten minutes and having my dinner get cold. Oh well, it’s what I do for my pups.

I’ve decided to sleep in the recliner near her crate tonight to make sure she’s okay. I’ll keep you posted on this sweet girl’s recovery.

Edna’s Surgery Day Part 1

Today will be a very long day for our household. Edna was confused as to why she didn’t get breakfast this morning but was happy to go for a car ride instead (maybe they’re taking me out for breakfast?). We escorted Edna into the vet’s lobby and reviewed the locations of the three growths that were being removed today. We discussed the other things that would get done and scheduled a pick up time for later today.

I got a call from the vet saying that Edna did great and surgery was a success with no complications! She did need 1 tooth pulled because it was loose. Sounds like someone is getting wet food this week. When we pick Edna up I’ll be asking for more information about the growth removals and throat examination.

I’ll let you know what else I find out once I get Edna settled for the evening. I expect the Cone-Of-Shame aka Lamp Shade will be making an appearance!

Dog Smack Down

Here’s a silly little video of Rusty repeatedly smacking Marley on the head. I wish I knew what motivated Rusty to do this…and why Marley stayed there taking it (for at least a full minute that wasn’t captured on video).

Do your dogs do this? Rusty and Marley didn’t play much together, so any intentional interaction between them was something to stop and watch.

Thanksgiving Boy

We call Cooper our “Thanksgiving Boy” because it was Thanksgiving night that I convinced my husband that we “needed” him after seeing Cooper’s profile on Petfinder. This was the orange boy I had been searching for:) Two days later we went to a Petco where OFOSA (Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals) was having their adoption event.