Denny The Barn Cat

This loveable barn cat is Denny. I got him as a kitten along with two other smaller baby boys (Danny & Benny). Even though the cats weren’t related, they loved and looked after each other better than some siblings do! Denny has always been the big, protective boy of the group. I’ve even witnessed him taking his kill to the barn to share with the other boys. Over the years Denny has lost the majority of his feral habits.  This week he came into the house and cuddled with me for quite a bit.

Denny’s love of dogs is the most heart warming acts I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen his relationships with our dogs (and foster dogs) blossom in front of my eyes. I’ve also witnessed his loss when our boy Rusty died. The foster dog Denny has latched on to the most is Heidi. He loved Heidi SO MUCH and she seemed to love it just as much (even greeted the cats before going potty).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my life with cats and dogs!



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