Edna’s Surgery Day Part 2

We spoke with the vet when we picked Edna up this evening. Her throat looked normal when it was examined, which was a great relief. I don’t know the cause of her excessive panting (this could be normal for her), and will continue to monitor. The suture site on her head looks like something from a doggie horror film! Due to the location, we can expect some swelling.

I made the mistake of taking Edna directly to the car and having her potty first. My husband was quick to grab the poo bags and collect Edna’s “belongings”. Thankfully we have a dog hammock in the back seat and a seat cover under that!

The e-collar was put on Edna as soon as we got home. I wish I had got her used to the e-collar BEFORE needing it. Why isn’t this recommended for dog owners? Let the dog get used to walking and sleeping in it without the added stress of recovering from a surgery.

Edna ate her dinner with no issues.  I just wish I could help her settle down, but she doesn’t want to lay down. I’ll try guiding her into her crate to see if she’ll rest in there.

It turns out Edna can’t go potty outside with an e-collar on. Sniffing the ground is difficult with an e-collar on, so she had a hard time finding the right spot to do her business. I wish I knew this before wasting ten minutes and having my dinner get cold. Oh well, it’s what I do for my pups.

I’ve decided to sleep in the recliner near her crate tonight to make sure she’s okay. I’ll keep you posted on this sweet girl’s recovery.


5 thoughts on “Edna’s Surgery Day Part 2

  1. omg! what a sweet girl… We have an E-collar that is a pillow type. So much better for them… She is a love! Would love to have her… we are in the adoption cycle. Hope she gets well really soon! Love her! and thank you for all you do!!

    • I WISH had one dog that a soft or pillow e-collar would work! Edna’s stitches on her head need protection from her hitting her head or rubbing it on objects like the couch or our legs. Fortunately, she is getting around this morning with more ease. She had time through the night to practice bumping into things and make as much noise as possible;)

      • I certainly understand why you need her to have the harder e-collar…. makes sense. how long before the stitches come out? i know it won’t be for a while… just curious. They look pretty massive. poor sweet girl.

    • She is doing MUCH better. I picked up some more pain meds since she needed extra pain meds the first 24 hrs. She has been making up for lost sleep, wish I could do the same;) That first night was painful, broken up sleep…on the couch. She practiced moving around with the e-collar on during the night. Tried a soft e-collar today, I’ll be returning it when I go back into town. I need something more rigid that offers more protection for the head sutures. Oh well…back to the big, noisy cone of shame.

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