What’s Your Favorite Color?

I don’t have a favorite (my opinion changes depending on the subject), but looking at this picture you might think it was ORANGE.

Left to Right: Heidi (GBR), Benny, Cooper and Denny



Throwback Thursday

These photos were taken nearly 13 years ago! This is Borgia as a kitten. I had stripped my bed to do laundry and Borgia decided she wanted to play. Since then she has made a game out of me making the bed after washing the sheets. Borgia turns a 5 minute into a 10 minute task, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy 11th Birthday, Rusty

My husband wanted to share this with you:

Today would have been Rusty’s 11th birthday.  We don’t know his real birthday, but we chose today to celebrate his birth because it’s a special day to us.

I miss my dear boy Rusty more than words can express.  He was so full of life and happiness, and I always derived so much joy to share my love with him when I got home from work.  The house is still so quiet without him around because he filled the room with his personality.  I know time will help me heal, but he was taken from us too soon.  I have unfinished business with his spirit.  We have a lot of staring to do, a lot of water fountain left to do, a lot of P words left to do, a lot of hugs and naps left to do, and a lot of evening laying on the couch together left to do.

Dog fostering has helped heal my shattered heart some.  They all leave an impression on my heart, but Heidi left a huge dinosaur sized footprint.  I am grateful that she came into my life at a time when I needed a spirit like hers.  We helped heal her body and spirit, but then the day came when we had to let her new family be her guardians.  Tara and I crossed paths with an awesome family that cherish Heidi and treat her like family.  I take comfort in knowing that we heal dogs, and this in turn makes other people more whole.

Rusty, I love you dearly and miss you terribly.  Thank you for being a great companion and filling me with joy.


One Year Anniversary!

February 10, 2015 was officially one year since we began our dog fostering career with Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon. We’ve opened our home and hearts to four unique pups. These dogs have made a lasting impression on us. I’ve had the chance to learn a lot through my successes, failures and lots of reading.


I am proud of the work I have done with these four dogs and I’m excited to continue helping other dogs in the future. When a foster dog comes into our home, it becomes family. The dog is treated with kindness, compassion and respect. We don’t know what the dog has experienced in the past. All we know is the dog’s life gets better the moment they get in our car.

Jack Benny

We give these dogs love, stability, exercise, medical care, attention, food and shelter. All we ask in return is they learn and follow our house rules:

  1. Respect the cats (indoors and outdoors).
  2. Respect Marley, we can’t be a foster home if she’s not happy with our house guest.
  3. Our bathroom is indoors, yours is outdoors.
  4. Please keep barking to a minimum.
  5. Kitchen counters are off limits.
  6. Sit, stay, come, down, off, and leave it.
  7. Grooming is necessary (don’t fight it, it’s gonna happen).


The moment I meet our foster dog I try to figure them out, but this takes time. The dog I see on day 1 is not the same dog I see 2-4 weeks later. My highest priority is making sure our cats and Marley are safe around the dog. If I’ve been told the dog is good with cats and dogs, I STILL watch very closely for any signal that says differently. Second, I observe for any possible medical or behavioral problems that need to be addressed.


What fostering means to me:

  • Healing a dog’s spirit.
  • Giving a dog a second chance at life, a life they should have had from the beginning.
  • Proving people wrong when they claimed the dog was “unadoptable”.
  • Opening my home and heart to a dog in need.
  • Being a dog’s cheerleader.
  • Looking out for the dog’s best interest, especially when choosing it’s forever family.
  • Taking the time and energy to work with the dog to give it the greatest chance of success with its new family.

A HUGE thanks to my husband for being supportive and making it possible for us to be a foster home. Even though I do most of the work, I couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you to the other volunteers at GBR who have been supportive and extremely helpful. This first year was difficult at times, but I’m not going anywhere. I strongly urge everyone to consider being a foster home.


Stitches Out

Edna got her stitches out today! Everything looked great and healed up nicely.


We’ll keep the e-collar on for a while longer to make sure the scabs don’t break open and bleed.


Now we’re able to increase Edna’s activity to get her back into shape after being sedentary for the past two weeks. Can’t wait until Edna’s ready to go running again!

Jumping Hurdles

We have three baby gates in our house and zero human children. If I want go from our kitchen to our bedroom I have to “jump” two hurdles. Fortunately, the baby gate to the bathroom has a door. Having these gates allow us better control with our foster dog’s potty training. When I get fed up of going over the gates, I remind myself “it’s better than cleaning up an accident!”

Jack Benny (former foster dog) & Marley behind the kitchen baby gate


Doggie B&B

The following is my review of Dog Bark Park Inn B&B that I posted on http://www.iloveinns.com and I want to share it with you.

“I wish we could have stayed longer than 2 days but we’ll just have to go back again. My husband and I enjoy all things dog so we were excited to take in the decorations and reading material (even staying up late reading to each other). We were asked at time of booking what sort of foods we liked and we were not disappointed! Very yummy homemade breakfast and snacks. We were pleasantly surprised that Dennis and Francis were such great people to be around, we could have spent a good portion of our trip just hanging out with them talking and watching them do their woodwork. I’d find it hard to believe that someone could leave without taking home a piece of their artwork. Our bookcase is now home to a yellow lab and a black bear, they’ll have company the next time we visit the Dog Bark Park Inn B&B. The bottom line: this place is eye candy for dog lovers and you won’t get this kind of attention to detail and customer service anywhere else.”

We’ve got a reservation for this summer and I highly recommend you make one in the near future!