What happens when you feel guilty about your dog wearing an e-collar? You might consider giving the dog some supervised free time without the e-collar on…that’s what I decided to do. My mistake was to go grab my camera to take photos of Edna’s stitches. In under 30 seconds, she managed to do this!

The sutures are still intact and she’s resting now. We’ll see if this delays sutures being removed on Monday. All I know is that the e-collar is staying on until the vet says Edna can’t do any harm to herself. Let this be a lesson for all!


One thought on “Ugh!

  1. Aww, don’t feel bad. How could you know? You were only thinking of Edna and that it might make her feel better… If all the sutures are still intact, then I’m sure she will be fine. Lesson learned nonetheless. Thank you for sharing … and taking care of that sweetie!

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