Stitches Out

Edna got her stitches out today! Everything looked great and healed up nicely.


We’ll keep the e-collar on for a while longer to make sure the scabs don’t break open and bleed.


Now we’re able to increase Edna’s activity to get her back into shape after being sedentary for the past two weeks. Can’t wait until Edna’s ready to go running again!


6 thoughts on “Stitches Out

  1. How is Edna doing these days? Healing nicely? We can’t wait to meet her on Sunday at the dinner! We have been approved to adopt and would love to see how Edna is with us and we will wait as long as it takes!

  2. Edna is doing great & healing nicely. She’s back to drinking her normal amount of water (since she’s not sleeping as much thanks to sedatives) and requiring frequent potty breaks. I’m sure Edna will LOVE to have everyone touching on her this weekend;)

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