Happy 11th Birthday, Rusty

My husband wanted to share this with you:

Today would have been Rusty’s 11th birthday.  We don’t know his real birthday, but we chose today to celebrate his birth because it’s a special day to us.

I miss my dear boy Rusty more than words can express.  He was so full of life and happiness, and I always derived so much joy to share my love with him when I got home from work.  The house is still so quiet without him around because he filled the room with his personality.  I know time will help me heal, but he was taken from us too soon.  I have unfinished business with his spirit.  We have a lot of staring to do, a lot of water fountain left to do, a lot of P words left to do, a lot of hugs and naps left to do, and a lot of evening laying on the couch together left to do.

Dog fostering has helped heal my shattered heart some.  They all leave an impression on my heart, but Heidi left a huge dinosaur sized footprint.  I am grateful that she came into my life at a time when I needed a spirit like hers.  We helped heal her body and spirit, but then the day came when we had to let her new family be her guardians.  Tara and I crossed paths with an awesome family that cherish Heidi and treat her like family.  I take comfort in knowing that we heal dogs, and this in turn makes other people more whole.

Rusty, I love you dearly and miss you terribly.  Thank you for being a great companion and filling me with joy.



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