What I Do For Cats and Dogs…

…is put their needs before my own.

As a pet guardian, it is your responsibility to care for your animal. You alone are responsible for its well-being; just don’t go so far that you lose perspective. Keep in my that you are equally important!

I find myself spending WAY more time researching our pets’ medical issues than my own. When I see one of our pets having a medical issue and it gets addressed right away, unlike my own medical issues that have gone unresolved for years. I am more than willing to fill out pages of doctor forms for the pets, but I procrastinate with my own new client forms. I make sure that our pets maintain a healthy weight, but don’t do the same for myself. I am continuously working to improve Marley’s behavior, but not putting the same amount of effort into improving my own behavior.

Let this be a reminder that your pets should not be an afterthought, and neither should you!


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