Pet First Aid

Since moving out of the city, I’ve been looking for a hands-on pet first aid class. I recently found one for FREE and can’t wait to attend. I found this class being offered at an animal emergency hospital called Dove Lewis (Portland, OR). I’ve never had to use their emergency services but I have attended their pet grief counseling multiple times.

According to the website (click HERE), I will be learning how to  “prepare a first aid kit, obtain vital signs, assess breathing and circulation, perform CPR, address shock, handle specific injuries, transport injured animals, identify possible instances of toxicity, and respond to allergic reactions.” All of these are extremely useful to know!

I encourage you to look for pet first aid classes in your area or find other sources to help you assist your pets in an emergency.





Happy Birthday Borgia!

My girl turned 13 years old today!

For her birthday she got a special can of chicken for dinner and a teeth cleaning (with possible extraction) scheduled for the end of the month đŸ˜‰

Little Girl with all her teeth

Old Lady

Old Lady missing 1/3 of her teeth

Mark Your Calendars

Come show your support for rescue dogs next weekend at the Annual Golden Bond Rescue Holiday Gathering. Bring your pups to get pictures with Santa and walk with other dogs around historic Aurora, OR. There will be merchandise to purchase, warm drinks and furry family members to love on.

For more information CLICK HERE.

We’d love to see you there!

Are You Going To The Pet Fair?

This weekend is the NW Pet & Companion Fair in Portland, OR at the Portland Expo Center. This year we’ll be taking Marley and our foster dog Heidi to check it out (I’ve got my pet waivers ready to go).

Every year we see some really great products and a few we need to buy. There’s always a few pets up for adoption and other rescues representing. We’ll make sure to wear our Golden Bond Rescue t-shirts;)

I’m looking forward to having a fun weekend with a pup outing. This will be a great opportunity to show Heidi she’s part of a family.