Deck The Halls

If you’ve decorated for the holiday season, I hope everything is still intact! I try to keep our decorations to a minimum. It’s really just an excuse to put out more animal “stuff.” I hope you enjoy the Christmas items I’ve collected over the years.

Part of me is glad the cats don’t play with this because of the noisy bells đŸ˜‰

Here’s our pet stockings and photo ornaments.


Here’s the top of the bookcase with ornaments and a photo of Zinger with Santa. The wood carvings are from the Dog Bark Park Inn.


Our cute “cookie” jar made by Scentsy


My attempt at a photo Christmas Wreath


Petsmart Christmas Cat


Two days after putting up decorations, I found a stocking on the ground…


…Looks like a house cat is sending a message to the Barn Cats!


Sweet Satisfaction

After all the time and energy I put into creating the cat shelves (along with my awesome husband’s help), I still get excited when I see a cat using them.

Borgia enjoying the hammock

I’d nap up there if I was a cat

Home Made Cat Shelves

The cat shelves and raceways that I purchased last year are being put to good use. Tully (former barn cat) spends 1/3 of his day on the raceways. This includes running like a crazy cat between 12am-5am. Considering the shelves are on the opposite side of a shared wall with our bedroom, I thought I should put shelves on the opposite side of the house.  There was always the risk of the shelves not being used as I had hoped, but I had to try something (playing before bedtime wasn’t cutting down on the speed kitteh).

I would have LOVED to purchase more shelves from Catastrophicreations. Unfortunately, the business owner moved out of state which meant $$$ on shipping that previously could have been put towards shelves. This meant I was going to build them myself!

My awesome husband headed to Lowes for supplies so I could get to work in the garage. When coming up with a design, I did the same as with the purchased shelves. I cut strips of paper to represent each shelf and used painters tape to map the studs on the walls.  Most of the time the shelves would anchor into a stud, but a few required drywall anchors.

I put a lot of time & energy into this project, and without my husband’s help the results wouldn’t be this good (or sturdy).

I took some pics at many stages in the project to give you an idea of all that went into the final result. Enjoy!

Here’s the paper shelves and blue painters tape. Some of the tape represents studs that I located using a stud finder, others mark where the brackets should be mounted (others used instead of clear scotch tape).


This was my temporary work station at our kitchen island. I painted the brackets to match the wall paint and shelf paint to help them blend in to their surroundings. The blow dryer is there to make the paint drying go MUCH faster.

Once again, the blow dryer to the rescue! These blocks of wood were used behind the scratching/climbing post so the post wasn’t flat against the wall.

The scratching/climbing post was made of 2 2×4’s. I sanded and painted the ends.

I used sisal rope that other cat owners recommended (no chemical smell). It took over 300 feet of rope!

Here’s the fabric I used for the raceway to go between the two windows. FYI I hate sewing, but that’s WHAT I DO FOR CATS & DOGS.

Yep. If you can’t draw a straight line, you likely can’t sew a straight line either;)

Here’s the raceway mounted and the fabric stapled, glued and screwed! The clamps helped maintain pressure on the wood and fabric while the glue dried. Cats were kept off until the glue was finished drying. Before allowing the cats on the shelves, I did paint touch-ups, including painting screw heads so they blended into the wall & brackets.


Success! Tully using the shelves. We’ll see if he uses them between 12am-5am…


Keep Your Kitteh Warm

cozy cushion

Years ago I ordered a Cozy Cushion for Cats from Drs. Foster & Smith for the cats in our house. Now we’re up to 4 Cozy Cushions! Cats LOVE sources of warmth and it doesn’t matter if it comes from a laptop, furnace, human or another cat. I want my kittehs to be cozy so I tracked down the Cozy Cushion and liked what I read. Not only is it safer than an electric heat source, the mat is cozy and actually works to keep the cats warm. I also like that the cushion goes thru the washer and dryer with no problems.

Tully staying warm in the cat room

Two of the cushions are in the house, one IS on our covered porch for the barn cats, and one is in the cat condo (located in the barn for the barn cats). Thanks to discovering the Cozy Cushion, I was inspired to use Emergency Blankets in the cat beds in the barn during the cold weather months. My barn kittehs need warmth too!

As I write this, I’m tempted to order a couple more; maybe Santa will bring some this year;.

Cats Climbing The Walls (Soon)


My husband and I are finally going to install cat shelves in our living room. After doing a lot of researching looking at awesome product pictures and people’s set-ups, we decided to place an order from CatastrophiCreations.

Originally we were going to build everything ourselves but with the arrival of Bela, our first foster dog, we had to move fast. Bela had an unknown history with cats and we quickly discovered she was obsessed with them. Our poor cats weren’t safe near us in the living room and they weren’t happy being locked away in a different room.

We had a budget to work with and luckily we came across someone within driving distance that we could order shelves and ramps from. By not having to pay shipping, we were able to put that money towards more product.

We are waiting for all of our fabric covered shelves, large raceways and cat bed to be completed so we can get to work. I have received great customer service from CatastrophiCreations shop owner, Mike Wilson. He has been prompt with answering all questions (and we had a lot).

I am looking forward to updating everyone once we install the shelves. Of course, pictures will be included!