Doesn’t Look Good

I’m sad to report that our barn cat Benny was last seen on Wednesday (Nov 11th) and we miss him so much.

Benny won’t be remembered as a dedicated hunter (kind of hard to hunt critters when you are trying to sneak into our house). When I think of Benny, I remember his desire to eat, looking after his sick buddy Tully, and giving me hugs.

I will never forget you Benny.


Sweet Satisfaction

After all the time and energy I put into creating the cat shelves (along with my awesome husband’s help), I still get excited when I see a cat using them.

Borgia enjoying the hammock

I’d nap up there if I was a cat

Catering To The Kittehs

We have a situation in our house due to “special needs” animals. We have to put a baby gate in our bedroom doorway to keep the dogs out. Doing this helps with potty training our foster dogs.

Unfortunately this keeps out our cat Tully. Cats are built to jump, but somehow he never got the memo because he doesn’t like to jump. Tonight my husband decided to help our boy out by making a ramp that goes over the baby gate. Tully is now able to walk up the ramp and go spend countless hours on our bed sleeping. Hopefully our senior girl Borgia will take advantage of the ramp as she will likely develop arthritis.

Ramp still needs to be painted

From the husband: while I shake my head at a cat who doesn’t like to jump (he jumps on the bed to sleep all day, so what’s up Tully?), I built the ramps because the animals are our family. This task made me think of my boy Rusty, who loved sleeping in my spot on the bed but needed help getting on the bed in the last year of his life. I built him a table that was at the foot of our bed so he could use it as a step. He took to it immediately, and it warmed my heart to see him sleeping in my bed spot as he had done for years. It was his safe place, and the last place he laid. I miss you Rusty; please tell Tully he can jump.


Throwback Thursday

These photos were taken nearly 13 years ago! This is Borgia as a kitten. I had stripped my bed to do laundry and Borgia decided she wanted to play. Since then she has made a game out of me making the bed after washing the sheets. Borgia turns a 5 minute into a 10 minute task, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Denny The Barn Cat

This loveable barn cat is Denny. I got him as a kitten along with two other smaller baby boys (Danny & Benny). Even though the cats weren’t related, they loved and looked after each other better than some siblings do! Denny has always been the big, protective boy of the group. I’ve even witnessed him taking his kill to the barn to share with the other boys. Over the years Denny has lost the majority of his feral habits.  This week he came into the house and cuddled with me for quite a bit.

Denny’s love of dogs is the most heart warming acts I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen his relationships with our dogs (and foster dogs) blossom in front of my eyes. I’ve also witnessed his loss when our boy Rusty died. The foster dog Denny has latched on to the most is Heidi. He loved Heidi SO MUCH and she seemed to love it just as much (even greeted the cats before going potty).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my life with cats and dogs!


All-Time Favorite Litter Scoop

DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop

I’ve never been a fan of cleaning litter boxes and I don’t know anyone who is. Over the years, I’ve had some terrible litter scoops and a couple I thought were really good. I will admit I was WRONG.

Where was this litter scoop back when I got Borgia almost 13 years ago?

I’ve had the Durascoop Cat Litter Scoop (click here for amazon link) for close to a year and I love it. I am cleaning 4-5 litter boxes a day, so I am really testing this scooper out. I needed a scooper that is comfortable in my hand, will hold up to heavy usage, and not create more work for me (break or fling litter). Don’t hesitate to purchase this scooper because it costs more than the cheap, flimsy litter scoopers you are used to using. Spending the extra money is worth the benefits you will receive.