Jumping Hurdles

We have three baby gates in our house and zero human children. If I want go from our kitchen to our bedroom I have to “jump” two hurdles. Fortunately, the baby gate to the bathroom has a door. Having these gates allow us better control with our foster dog’s potty training. When I get fed up of going over the gates, I remind myself “it’s better than cleaning up an accident!”

Jack Benny (former foster dog) & Marley behind the kitchen baby gate



Dog Smack Down

Here’s a silly little video of Rusty repeatedly smacking Marley on the head. I wish I knew what motivated Rusty to do this…and why Marley stayed there taking it (for at least a full minute that wasn’t captured on video).

Do your dogs do this? Rusty and Marley didn’t play much together, so any intentional interaction between them was something to stop and watch.

Make Life With Your Dog Easier

Photo from Amazon.com

Click HERE for product link. Photo from Amazon.com

I’ve been reading a lot of dog training and dog behavior books this past year, really focusing on positive training. Dog training relies heavily of treats being readily available to reward your dog. Over the years, I’ve used a few different treat holders.

I’m not a person who likes having my clothes smell like dog food, so putting food in my pockets wasn’t an option (plus my dog will hound me until she can lick the food molecules off my clothing).

I’ve tried ziplock baggies in the past and that was a cheap solution, but pulling the bag from my pocket along with opening and closing the bag slowed me down too much.

For a long time I used the drawstring treat pouch. I thought this was the best option available because it was easy to clean, could clip onto my waistband, and the drawstring was MUCH quicker and secure than the ziplock baggie.

Once I got serious about dog training and how important timing was, I looked for an alternate treat pouches. I found one that looked like it met my needs. I was hesitant because of the price, but it was more than worth the cost.

This treat pouch has a hinge that stays open until you push it shut (very easily, you can even use your elbow). When using the drawstring pouches, fabric would cave in on itself causing you to fumble for the treats, but this pouch doesn’t have excess fabric to get in the way. The treat pouch also has a fabric divider if you want to keep two types of treats separated.

Let the positive training begin!


Simple, Must Have Product

I am obsessed with these magnetic bookmarks! Having to read text books in school turned me off of reading, even for fun. A big annoyance while reading was losing my place. Too often the stupid bookmark would fall out and I wouldn’t know what page I was on or I wouldn’t remember what paragraph I needed to start at.

This product solves both of those problems by 1) open the magnet, place magnet around the edge of the book page and close…won’t fall out of the book and 2) the back side of the magnet has an arrow you can place on what line of text to start reading. The reasonable price, quality and usefulness of this product is more than enough reason to purchase this product.

With all the dog related books (behavior, training, and communication) I’ve been reading since we became a foster home for Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon, these bookmarks are very handy. Instead of taking handwritten notes, I’ve been photocopying the book pages. I cut out the portion I want to keep and tape it into my dog training notebook. Since I have so many of these magnetic bookmarks, I can mark my spot to photocopy and keep on reading. I wait until I use 5-10 bookmarks, then I’ll go make my photocopies.

Dog Owners: After a dog walk, grab a book and curl up on the couch with your pup!

Cat Owners: Join your kitteh on your bed (couch, or recliner) and read a book!


Christmas Update

The pets were very pleased with what Santa brought them for Christmas. The cats got new rattling toy mice and a wand toy. Marley got her new dog bed (aka my recliner) a day early, so that meant the cats got their new scratcher at the same time (hoping they scratch on the new scratcher and not the new recliner). On Christmas, Marley got a huge Gingerbread Man stuffed toy to play with and destroy if she chooses. Her favorite gift is having the old recliner temporarily placed by the pellet stove where daddy invites her to lay on his lap.

What did our foster dog Edna get from Santa this year? If you asked her, she’d say Christmas came early when GBR came to her rescue. Christmas was a spa day for Edna. She got her nails trimmed, a brushing that included even more mats being removed from her soon-to-be spectacular coat, a medicated bath, and was blow dried until she was smooth and fluffy.

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season!


New “Dog Bed” Coming Soon…

Recently I went “dog bed” (recliner) shopping. Our girl Marley makes herself VERY cozy in our current recliner, and I feel confident that she’ll want to do the same in the new recliner. While shopping for the new recliner I also checked to make sure the armrests had enough space for cats to curl up on while I work on my laptop (after I get them OFF my laptop because they must get in my face first).

Speak of the devil, here Borgia is on my armrest attempting to climb on me and my laptop. Her request has been denied and I am currently a recipient of her “I won’t forget this” stare.

I chose a microfiber fabric in a color that would go well with the other colors in our living room, and texture that SHOULDN’T be an attractive scratching surface. Hopefully all goes well and EVERYONE in the house will enjoy the recliner for a long time.