(Note To Self)


  • Remove the catnip cigar (click HERE for product link) from the cat room to the front room. You don’t need to panic when you see the cigar in front of the litter boxes from the corner of your eye.
  • Research and buy glass or high quality stainless steel cat bowls per vet’s suggestion. You don’t want Cooper’s feline acne to continue because of him using plastic bowls.
  • Make up Marley’s stuffed, frozen Kongs. She needs more entertainment this weekend because she doesn’t like to run in the heavy rain we’ve been getting this week.


Dog Smack Down

Here’s a silly little video of Rusty repeatedly smacking Marley on the head. I wish I knew what motivated Rusty to do this…and why Marley stayed there taking it (for at least a full minute that wasn’t captured on video).

Do your dogs do this? Rusty and Marley didn’t play much together, so any intentional interaction between them was something to stop and watch.