The Best News!!!

Benny is HOME! I had to tell you ASAP because I can’t contain my joy. I heard him crying outside so I opened the door for him. I’ll give more info later, but he appears uninjured and has lost a decent amount of weight (good thing he was a plump barn cat). Benny will be staying indoors for at least a few days to make sure he’s eating, drinking and litter box is normal. Let the TLC begin!


Sing-A-Long Kitteh

I discovered today that our barn cat Danny has been listening to the radio without my knowledge. I had to take him to the vet today because half his face was swollen, and he had a small abscess on his chin. During our 1 hour LONG car ride (round-trip), Danny sang-a-long to every song on the radio. I tested his knowledge by turning the radio off and he kept on singing!

Hopefully the antibiotic injection and 5 days strictly indoors will have Danny healed up.

Stitches Out

Edna got her stitches out today! Everything looked great and healed up nicely.


We’ll keep the e-collar on for a while longer to make sure the scabs don’t break open and bleed.


Now we’re able to increase Edna’s activity to get her back into shape after being sedentary for the past two weeks. Can’t wait until Edna’s ready to go running again!


What happens when you feel guilty about your dog wearing an e-collar? You might consider giving the dog some supervised free time without the e-collar on…that’s what I decided to do. My mistake was to go grab my camera to take photos of Edna’s stitches. In under 30 seconds, she managed to do this!

The sutures are still intact and she’s resting now. We’ll see if this delays sutures being removed on Monday. All I know is that the e-collar is staying on until the vet says Edna can’t do any harm to herself. Let this be a lesson for all!

Edna Post Surgery Update

Photo taken Feb 2

The day after surgery we had to start thinking of how to keep Edna calm for the next week. It turns out the growth on her head WAS NOT the source of her sass (it is fully intact). Edna was a little TOO excited about getting canned food and she decided to jump on the baby gate to see what was taking so long. I see this as the equivalent of a human at a restaurant going into the kitchen trying to find the food they ordered.

Not only was she jumping on a baby gate during feeding time, she is also wanting to jog when you call for her or after she’s done her business outside. We decided it was in Edna’s best interest to start giving her a mild sedative to keep her calm and less active during this critical recovery time. She has responded very well to the sedative. There haven’t been any accidents in the house, and she appears less frustrated with wearing the e-collar (lampshade, cone-of-shame, etc). I had her in a soft e-collar for a few hours and quickly discovered it was useless for protecting her head sutures. Fortunately no real harm was done due to my close supervision; she did have a little discharge around one of the sutures but it was minimal.

Photo taken Thurs Jan 29

The past 6 days have been uneventful and I want it to stay this way until Edna’s sutures are out (Feb 9th). Tomorrow will be one week since the surgery and it will be okay for her to be more active. I’m looking forward to her being all healed up and free of the e-collar!

Below are pictures taken today (Feb 2). Thank you for keeping Edna in your thoughts! She is being loved on and closely monitored during this recovery time.