Emergency Preparedness For Pets

I came across this useful video (for cat and dog owners) while browsing the Sleepypod website. This company has a cat carrier that I want to purchase at some point.

I hope you learn something useful and take action ASAP. Keep your furry family members safe!


Slow Motion Animals

This week I took our cat Borgia to Frontier Veterinary Hospital for a recheck appointment. Her mouth looked great after having some dental work done a couple months ago.

While chatting with our awesome vet Dr. Palmer, she mentioned watching a video of a dog drinking in super slow motion. I was eager to see this video so I tracked it down and wanted to share it with you.

Now that I’ve seen a dog drinking, what about a cat?

Internet wins! Youtube sucked me into watching more slow-motion animal videos.


We are enjoying our summer so far, and hope you are doing the same. It’s time to get back to working on my blog, so I thought I’d share something super cute with you.

Just once, I want to raise a Golden Retriever puppy! I love my rescue dogs, but I want to see what kind of adult dog I get when I raise a puppy appropriately.

Dog Smack Down

Here’s a silly little video of Rusty repeatedly smacking Marley on the head. I wish I knew what motivated Rusty to do this…and why Marley stayed there taking it (for at least a full minute that wasn’t captured on video).

Do your dogs do this? Rusty and Marley didn’t play much together, so any intentional interaction between them was something to stop and watch.